We provide the food processing industry with the opportunity to conduct trials in the following laboratories:

• Meat laboratory (meat chemistry)
• Chemistry laboratory (milk chemistry)
• Microbiology laboratory
• Food chemistry laboratory
Food hygiene laboratory (chromatography and food pathogen testing)


The Microdairy facility was launched in 2007. This small-scale unit operates similarly to a commercial dairy while utilising extremely small quantities of raw materials. Our Microdairy is suitable for conducting various technology-related and experimental development trials. It can also be used for carrying out training sessions for dairy industry specialists.

The Microdairy has already become the technological “heart” of the Department of Food Science and Food Processing Technology, whereas it meets the needs of both academic and R&D activities.

We continuously upgrade the equipment of the Microdairy. You may find further information about the capabilities of the facility in the Microdairy section of our website.