Consultation and training

Below is the list of in-service training opportunities offered by institute in the field of food and food processing. Training sessions are usually held at the EMÜ in Tartu, in certain cases also elsewhere.

  1. Food hygiene training
  2. Production hygiene training
  3. Training for assistants to supervising officials
  4. Health and hygiene training for hunters
  5. Establishing, implementing and maintaining a HACCP-based self-evaluation system
  6. Meat and meat product technology
  7. Milk and dairy product technology
  8. Meat and milk processing equipment
  9. Food microbiology
  10. Food packaging
  11. Sensory evaluation of foodstuffs
  12. Applying the Animal Protection Act with regard to handling of slaughter animals, slaughterhouse hygiene

The list can be supplemented; please visit the EMÜ Open University website for a more detailed list and description of the courses.