Reproductive and genetic services

Laboratory analyses of factors affecting reproduction:

  • Determining bovine ovarian problems
  • Uterine infection diagnostics
  • Bull semen analysis and bull fertility projections

Reproductive biotechnology:

  • Embryo transplants
  • Use of gender-selected semen for production of calves of a desired sex
  • Regulation of the oestrous cycle

Animal genetics and breeding:


  • Genetic identification
  • Verification of lineage/parentage
  • DNA analysis
  • BLAD analysis
  • Milk protein gene polymorphism (κ-casein, β-lactoglobulin)

  Horses (DNA analysis)

  • Genetic identification
  • Equine lineage verification

  Swine (DNA analysis)

  •   Stress resistance analysis

  Sheep (DNA analysis)

  •   Determination of PrP-gene polymorphism

  Dogs (DNA analysis)

  • Genetic identification
  • Verification of authenticity of lineage

Services related to feeds and feeding of livestock and poultry

Laboratory testing:

  • Assaying and quality testing of feeds
  • Evaluating nutritional value of feeds
  • Determining levels of toxins in feeds
  • Milk quality studies, including determining the fatty acid spectrum using GC

Consultative services:

  • Feed ration formulation
  • Ruminant dietary physiology, feed and metabolic issues

The Märja Experimental Farm offers the following services:

  • Training (seminars, practical training) related to animal health, veterinary care, feeding and rearing
  • Seminar room rental at the experiment farm, for holding open-house type seminars and other events
  • An Information Centre offering an opportunity to see a modern dairy cattle operation for schoolchildren, students and any other audience. interested in animal husbandry 
  • Obtaining embryos from donor cows and transferring embryos to heifers. The leading researcher of the embryo collection group is Jevgeni Kurõkin, PhD of the IVMAS Department of Reproductive Biology
  • Fattening tests in beef cattle
  • Dietary physiological tests in cattle, with the option of precise measuring of feed quantities. Conducting of feed trials in cooperation with prof. Olav Kärt (IVMAS Department of Animal Nutrition)
  • Conducting a wide range of trials and measurements related to animal rearing, feeding etc.

Services related to infectious diseases and treating animals

The Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine provides:

  • Counselling in the field of animal health
  • Vaccination and branding of animals
  • Diagnostics and treatment of animal diseases
  • Reference laboratory services for veterinary practices

We treat horses, livestock and pets.

The Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine offers services primarily via the EMÜ Veterinary Clinic. The analyses performed by the Department of Basic Veterinary Sciences and Population Medicine can also generally be ordered via the Veterinary Clinic. Direct contact information, price lists and other relevant information and instructions are also provided in the Laboratories’ section of the left column of the webpage.

The laboratories of the Department of Basic Veterinary Sciences and Population Medicine offer the following tests and services:
•  Identification of bacteria, viruses and parasites in living and post-mortem samples
•  Determination of antibodies to infectious agents in blood serum or milk
•  Professional interpretation of test results and further counselling if needed
You will find a detailed list of tests and investigation methods if you have a look of our services price list.