Laboratory services

Joint Clinical Veterinary Laboratory

  • Determination of the metabolic status of animals via biochemical blood analysis
  • Performing haematological clinical tests using fully automatic analyzers and haemograms
  • Determination of fibrogen
  • Analysis of blood samples in all animal species

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Laboratory of Microbiology

  • Bacteriological testing of milk, urine, skin, blood and pathological material, to determine pathogenic disease agents
  • Preparation of antibiograms
  • Detection of virus antibodies and antigens in blood; isolation of viruses

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Laboratory of Parasitology

  • Parasitological testing of faeces, urine, skin scrape, mucous, tissue, sputum and organs
  • Parasitological autopsies
  • Consultancy in veterinary parasitology

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Laboratory of Pathology

Autopsy services are provided to determine the cause of death.Material can be brought to us for cytological and histopathological examination.