The examples of effective cooperation between the Department and the enterprises listed below provide a good illustration of the broader competences of the Department of Aquaculture.

The Department of Aquaculture has provided consultancy services to tens of companies to assist them in applying for aquaculture investment support from the Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance and the EU Fisheries Fund and has prepared expert analyses for grant applications submitted to the Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board. After receiving a positive financing decision, our clients have launched successful commercial projects.

The Härjanurme Fish Farm is one of Estonia’s largest and most diverse fish farming operations. The company has years of experience in farming carp, rainbow trout, crayfish, whitefish, and pike-perch. The company processes the fish they farm into filet and caviar, while they also
provide tourism services. Härjanurme Fish Farm has served for years as an internship partner for the students undertaking the EMÜ aquaculture programme. Master’s degree theses defended by the students have been used as a valuable resource to develop the businesses.

The Põlula Fish Rearing Centre was founded in 1994 at the site of a hundred-year-old trout farm that was completely renovated. The task of the fish rearing centre is to grow cold-water fish species, above all young salmon for the purpose of increasing fish stocks. Currently, up to 200,000 two- and one-year-old salmon are produced.
Ongoing cooperation between the Department of Aquaculture and the Centre is aimed at increasing fish stocks. We evaluate the results of stocking and preserving genetic diversity, and assist the partners in creating development strategies.