About the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences

The institute offers a variety of research, development and training applications to enterprises outside the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ). The broad knowledge of institute expertise and ongoing research allows us to help commercial partners to identify the resources they need to develop new products and services, and ultimately strengthen their businesses.

According to their area of activities the departments of
institute are divided into five basic groups, which are listed in the left-hand menu. Classification of services is similar for each department.

We can be of use in three general areas:
-  Research and development, including trials for the animal health industry
-  Diagnostic laboratory services and specialist advice to veterinary surgeons in the farm and companion animal sectors
-  Education and training

Institute services for business and industry

Several of our laboratory and other specialist services are specifically defined and priced, as most of them are related to laboratory procedures and tests, or involve rental of facilities or equipment. The pricelists by each department or unit can be found here.

Working relationships between institute and commercial partners are usually based on projects which require negotiations to identify mutual needs, opportunities, objectives and expenses. Institute researchers have competence and skills to help develop beneficial new products and services and find solutions to different practical problems. We invite you to tell us about your needs, so we can assist you in forming long-term partnerships with our highly qualified academic staff.
To learn more about our capabilities and company collaborations, please explore this website and feel free to contact specialists in your particular area of interest.

Forms of cooperation with institute

Collaboration between institute and business partners can be set up in different ways: :

a) Specialized individual services, consultations or trainings provided directly by our researchers.
b) Participating in scientific or applied research as one of the partners.
c) Launching a specific commercial research project.
d) Participating in scientific research projects by providing the commercial facilities for carrying out  trials or experiments

Several R&D projects can also be financed by the government or international organizations, while they still can provide the companies involved with valuable know-how and expertise practically free of charge.